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Миссия: доступность, эффективность, высокое качество образования
на основе использования современных технологий обучения

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About institute

Private Educational Organization of Higher Education –Association
www.tiei.ru mail@tiei.ru
Ryazanskaya, 1, 300024, Tula
Tel. +7 (4872) 214-080, 701-968, 214 -044/fax
License №1604 19.08.15
Certificate of state accreditation №1538 of 27.11.15

Picture: TULA UNIVERSITY (TIEI) academic buildings


Private Educational Organization of Higher Education –Association «TULA UNIVERSITY (TIEI)» («PEO HEA «TULA UNIVERSITY (TIEI)») was created on December, 26 2000 to provide educational services for the programs of higher, medium and complimentary professional education.


According to the actual license and state accreditation the University provides for full-time and extramural education forms. The final document granted is a state standard diploma. The University develops specializations in economy and management, in pedagogy and psychology; also specializations connected with information and communication technologies, applied informatics, business informatics, organization and technology of information defense, linguistics, state and municipal management


To provide for high-quality education we established the necessary technical base and hired high-qualified professors, 70 per cent of whom boast academic degrees.


The University possesses a library of more than 75 thousand copies; traditional and e-reading halls, a digital library. The educational process is completely provided with the obligatory scientific and methodological literature, modern technical means and high-speed Internet. This enables introduction of distance educational technologies for all the educational forms.


Educational procedures are completely covered with licensed software. A Center for career development works for our students and graduates. Most our graduates have good ratings and can easily get employed at the enterprises of Tula region according to the specialization they get at the University.


Scientific and research work

A scientific and research institute of educational technologies of the University hosts several laboratories: «Informational systems in education» and «Psycho diagnosis».

Due to the development of scientific and research projects the  University successfully handles the task of professional development for its professors.

The most part of PH.D. works defended by the University teachers had been prepared on the base of researches held at the University. The University annually holds international scientific and practical, inter-institute academic and methodic, and student conferences. The University executes works on grants and economic contracts.

A lot of attention is paid to publishing monographs and other scientific literature.


International cooperation


International cooperation makes an important part of the University activities. The University is in different ways connected with several Universities in Italy, Kazakhstan and Germany. To broaden linguistic knowledge of the students the University organizes for its students different courses of English and Italian, establishes trainings in the countries of these languages. The University develops its cultural relations with the Society of the Italian Culture Dante Alighieri.




The University holds marketing research of tendencies in the regional educational services and studies and prognoses changes in demand for personnel with higher education degrees. According to the polls organized by the service, the students name the following features as advantages of studying at the University: urgent specializations adapted to market requests and branch specialization of Tula region enterprises; high quality of education and qualification of professors; use of modern information technologies in education; assistance in employment.


Educational work


The University has created a special department that realizes educational work as “Center for career development”. Students are motivated to healthy lifestyle, to sports and creative activities. University professors have made it their aim to graduate a harmonious, advanced person with an active citizen’s standpoint. This aim is also achieved with the help of the students’ self-government and its representative body of Students Counsel. The representatives of the students participate in the work of the Academic Counsel of the University.


Social projects


On the initiative of the rector Evgeniy B. Karpov, the University for several years has been realizing methodological and scientific assistance to educational establishments of Tula and Tula region. This assistance is connected with the use of information and communication technologies for educational process.


For several years the University hosts the regional project of «Public forum», uniting more than 1000 participants and representatives of administrative bodies, educational establishments, social sphere, industrial enterprises, business communities, professional and creative unions.


This forum maintains public discussions for educational development problems, youth education to achieve aims of civil cooperation and create conditions for youth self-realization.


Starting with the first days of its creation the University closely cooperates with the Department of education for the Administration of Tula region and the Department of education for the city of Tula. This cooperation has resulted in such socially important projects as: «Tula school portal», «School for young informatics lovers», «School for young economists «GOOD-WILL» aimed at popularization of science among children and teenagers, and introduction of achievements of information and communication technologies in educational process at Tula schools. At the moment one more joint project is being realized with the Department of education, this is «Distance education for challenged schoolchildren».


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